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This, perchance, is a hard task, since it calls on the slave to sing the praises of the master upon the vanquished, while pressed by all the evils of conquest, to sing the praises of the conqueror.
ON Sunday I read the lesson in Our Lady and St Nicholas Church: "Let us now sing the praises of famous men, our ancestors in their generations.
The number of British troops killed was far in excess of the losses of the Iraq fiasco, yet we are supposed to sing the praises of this woman who caused us and the Argentines so much distress.
Each member had clearly been invited for the purpose of speaking specifically about some pet project as well as to effusively sing the praises of the Coalition, President George W.
Rather than water down our beliefs--the approach of the last 30-odd years--why not stand up, rejoice and sing the praises of Jesus loudly and clearly?
Work colleagues inform me that there is a comic version of this song, the lyrics of which sing the praises of an antiquated and parasitic London institution.
Starling, a bird's namesake, seems to sing the praises of modernism while lamenting its failures, but like many artists today, he works with a retro modernism: His ironic play with exile and inclusion at times feels more like the product of self-conscious, nostalgic longing for an unattainable past than the claiming of a critical position.
Funny, in the two decades I've known Ralph, I've never known him to sing the praises of large corporations.
And throughout the Mass and other prayer services, Catholics, Protestants, and other believers will sing the praises of forgiving.
I worked in long term care for a dozen years myself, and I've been a stalwart member of that chorus who sing the praises of nursing assistants and describe them as the "backbone" of nursing home care.
Although scholars like Seymour Martin Lipset and Lewis Coser dismissed Packard as simplistic and his data as sloppy, his refusal to sing the praises of corporate America and 50s-style conformity made him heroic to millions of readers.