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com and IT Week and are among the growing number of people singing the praises of BusinessObjects XI Release 2.
I have long been singing the praises of our fine city and think it is great that someone has now been appointed to do the same in an official capacity.
BRIAN MEEHAN has a strong team this term and our spies at Upper Lambourn are singing the praises of unraced filly KISTLER.
I enjoy Science News very much but not the occasional article singing the praises of alcoholic beverages, particularly red wine, as a benefit to the cardiovascular system ("A, glass of red may keep the arteries loose," SN: 1/5/02, p.
A SUPERSTORE is singing the praises of a Cardiff school choir which raised pounds 90 - thanks to a little help from Kylie Minogue.
OWNER Roy Salter was singing the praises of the course after his Resplendent Cee had won the six-furlong juvenile conditions stakes.
Many wore body paint from head to foot, like a giant human poster, scrawled with the names of their favorite 'N Sync performers or phrases, singing the praises of the new album.
The gender-bending pop star was promoting a new album, Tense, Nervous Headache; was singing the praises of acid-house music; and, having kicked the drug habit, was completely open about his sexuality.
RUGBY town crier Andy Latham (right) has been singing the praises of workmanship on offer in the area.
But his insistence in singing the praises of G M foods in such a gung-ho way is scarey.
From singing the praises of Cool Whip on 21 national commercials over the past few years to averaging over 250 annual performances, BITH is making a cappella music hip for the hip-hop generation and beyond.