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About 10 years ago, Chrysler's Joe Goulart was singing the praises of the two-stroke engine as an automotive powerplant.
While gay people may now be singing the praises of Juan Timberlake, in 1998 it was all about Bette Midler.
Petroski is famous for finding the beauty in simple things, as is the case in his book The Pencil, and for singing the praises of engineers, as he did in TO Engineer Is Human.
A few days ago, these people [in the Establishment media] were singing the praises of Danny Pearl, a real reporter, who lost his life trying to get the facts of a story," observed Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles magazine.
A veteran of the Metropolitan Opera takes on a new role, singing the praises of his private urban forest, hoping to turn it into a public preserve.
MUSICAL star Aled Jones will be singing the praises of Coventry in a Songs Of Praise television special this weekend.
Lately, I just scan the zohar and meditate on those funky Hebrew letters," Bernhard intones in her new show, using much the same tone of voice she once applied to singing the praises of Love's Fresh Lemon scent.
com and IT Week and are among the growing number of people singing the praises of BusinessObjects XI Release 2.
I bet she would not be singing the praises of the hospital then.
Singing the praises of her tiny pet pekinese, Beyonce said: "He'll climb right up to your face and give you a kiss and then he'll lie under your neck and give you a hug.
The Stafford star couldn't resist singing the praises of our very own lovelies at an intimate gig in Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Hall ahead of the release of their Singles album next month.