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BILL, SINGLE, contracts. A writing by which one person or more, promises to another or others, to pay him or them a sum of money at a time therein specified, without any condition. It is usually under seal; and when so, it is sometimes, if not commonly, called a bill obligatory. (q. v.) 2 S. & R. 115.
     2. It differs from a promissory note in this, that the latter is always payable to order; and from a bond, because that instrument has always a condition attached to it, on the performance of which it is satisfied. 5 Com. Dig. 194; 7 Com. 357.

SINGLE. By itself, unconnected.
     2. A single bill is one without any condition, and does not depend upon any future event to give it validity. Single is also applied to an unmarried person; as, A B, single woman. Vide Simplex.

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The most fundamental business outfit for a man is a navy blue, single-breasted suit, a white cotton shirt, a navy print tie and black lace-up shoes.
I'm wearing a single-breasted one today, and as for tomorrow, I don't know," Hashimoto responded.
In a gentle blue/grey colouring, this finely tailored suit with a single-breasted jacket is an updated classic given a contemporary twist.
uk The best thing about a 1970s lime green single-breasted tulip coat is that it looks warm enough to wear now but is vibrant enough to wear in the spring if we're having a particularly dull day.
20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- At the State Dinner in Washington, DC on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, Barbra Streisand, a guest of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, accompanied by her husband James Brolin, walked in wearing a design by Susanna Beverly Hills: a black and white pinstriped, single-breasted, fitted jacket worn with a matching deep V-neck fitted vest topped with jewel buttons and a long slim evening skirt with a deep plunging front slit.
According to reports, men employees under 5ft 9in are being advised against wearing ditch double-breasted suits in favour of a leaner single-breasted style.
Wearing an open-necked white shirt and a single-breasted black suit, Wright listened intently as the lawyers in the case discussed legal issues at Ipswich Crown Court.
Police said a leather wallet containing pounds 80 was also taken, along with a brown, single-breasted leather Hugo Boss jacket, which had been stowed under the seat.
Single-breasted suit (pounds 199); shirt and tie (pounds 18); belt (pounds 12); shoes (pounds 45).
The grown-up ladylike clothes in fashion for autumn/winter will have some denim addicts running scared, but Vickie has her own solution -- a smart fitted single-breasted blazer .
At left, Todd, in a classic single-breasted tuxedo from Taffy's, gets some attention from Kimberly, also pictured opposite.
She was followed by her husband, dressed in an open-necked white shirt and single-breasted blue suit, before travelling to join their four children who arrived in France on Tuesday.

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