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The first is to develop an initial understanding of the theory of Voidness, and then strive to achieve single-minded concentration on that understanding.
The web app brings single-minded functionality with new interactive capabilities.
According to Louw, a single-minded focus on excellence is at the core of the company's success as a business.
Unlike even the best mine-detecting dog or human, they are relentlessly single-minded.
She was born last July, along with 27 single-minded siblings.
admits that there are late redactional links between the first and last chapters of the book of Isaiah, he opposes the idea that Second Isaiah was written by a school of devotees to the Isaianic tradition and concludes that Second Isaiah's concern for the reconstruction of Jerusalem made a good fit with the single-minded concentration on the doomed fate of the city in chaps.
In the twilight of his career, Jackson knows he has to be single-minded and selfish if he is to remain a true competitor for the big titles.
However, if anyone can crack the secret code, bet on Nanin, with her single-minded, passionate commitment.
But more than one quarter (27 percent) said women's voices were muted when the "woman is overly militant, combative, single-minded, or insubordinate.
However, Tromly's single-minded approach tends to rob Marlowe of any impulse other than iconoclastic cruelty He rejects the possibility (indeed, likelihood) that Marlowe's cruelty is a means to an end somewhat more elevated than an impulse to "do dirt on humanity," as Wilbur Sanders once characterized the motivations of Edward II in a notoriously homophobic outburst.
In their new book, "The New Corporate Cultures," Deal and Kennedy argue that today's business leaders in their single-minded pursuit of shareholder interests have created employee distrust, skepticism and fear that have ripped apart once great corporate cultures.
Barbara is one of the most single-minded people you're likely to encounter - but single minded in the sense that she's almost developed an allergy to forging a relationship.

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