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Khar said Pakistan's government had over the last four years single-mindedly pursued a track of reaching out to India, and reversing a 40 year old trade policy and giving India an MFN status was an important message.
Antyukh has been prepared single-mindedly for Olympic gold.
No-one should make decisions single-mindedly without consulting with the citizens either through traditional gatherings or through existing constitutional institutions," Prince Salman said.
Rather than climbing single-mindedly to one lofty peak, Meadows has traveled with the spirit of an explorer.
With such a high proportion of our costs being marginal costs (predominantly feed), the typical retailer business model of single-mindedly driving volumes just does not work for us.
Only that they have to make an earnest effort single-mindedly.
According to the report, Bajaj says it would, as the Boxer is being single-mindedly targeted at customers in rural markets where demand is on the upside for safety and performance-oriented bikes.
Floyd Norris of the New York Times compares central and commercial bankers: Both loaned funds without adequately assessing whether repayment was feasible, yet central bankers have greater leeway to patch problems and print new currency, single-mindedly expecting economic conditions to improve.
These include such intriguing statements as "Identify Your Constraints," "Concentrate Single-Mindedly," and "Inspect What You Expect.
He suggested that the PC industry should not single-mindedly pursue volume growth, and should extend its operation to the field of service, just like what Apple has done.
These very different businesses need to focus single-mindedly on their distinct value-creation strategies.
He offered a simple reason why A-B single-mindedly dominated U.

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