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'Because the GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines) under Duterte is obviously not interested in serious peace negotiations, the revolutionary forces and the people have no choice but to single-mindedly wage people's war to achieve the national and social liberation of the Filipino people,' Sison said in a statement.
The problem with Theresa May is that she is a focused, if thoughtless, lieutenant: instruct her to carry out a defined strategy, wind her up, and she will single-mindedly get on with what she sees as the job.
'I want to devote the next two to three years to single-mindedly focus on my goal of joining the NBA by 2021 (or) 2022,' he said.
class="MsoNormalI was so frustrated, had I come across a group of people burning Sonko's effigy, I would have energetically and single-mindedly shoved them aside like we Kenyans do when fighting to board matatus so that I could do the burning myself.
Post-rehab, Maggie Terry is single-mindedly trying to keep her head down in New York City.
Jealous of his elder, he single-mindedly pursues self-training, soon to learn that love, dedication and trust are all necessary qualities to gain victory.
The film also shows his father Sunil Dutt, a very well-known name in Indian film industry at that time, who stood by his son like a rock and single-mindedly managed to bring him out of all the chaos.
President Hussain also said, I believe that the objective of developing the country and rekindling its glorious past can only be achieved if we work single-mindedly keeping aside our personal interests.
The theme for concluding plenary will be from victim to victor against terrorism which will showcase how Pakistan has overcome a long and dark decades of terrorist victimization and instead of letting the detractors define its identity, the country has risen up to single-mindedly pursue a combination of soft and hard measures to claim victory against terrorist outfits and eradicate extremism at its source.
We are talking about creating shared value not only connecting with the community, helping our youngsters by providing quality employment in the long term, but also of course helping our children in terms of after-school care services so that their parents can focus on their work wholeheartedly, single-mindedly. The whole project has to be underpinned by passion, support and also dedication.
Ruto said they should focus "single-mindedly on delivering their manifesto" which was voted for by the people.
But since the last three, four years, we are wholeheartedly, single-mindedly, targeting these terrorists,' Asif said.

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