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We have worked tenaciously and single-mindedly to transform differences into strengths and break down barriers of nationalistic or cultural resistance.
It is not only this time that this Parliament rubber stamped controversial decisions single-mindedly made by President Bashir.
But during the Falklands and the miners' strike, Mrs Thatcher was single-mindedly determined to achieve what she set out to do.
An Instant Play Casino game, Tiger Moon brings razor-sharp and finely-detailed graphics in a new intensity to its video slot, which almost single-mindedly reflects the beauty of the ancient Orient with its broad, dynastic China theme.
In case you've not seen Zero Dark Thirty, Maya is the name the movie gives to the CIA operative played by Jessica Chastain, who single-mindedly pursued her belief that al-Qaeda's network of couriers would eventually lead to the discovery of Osama bin Laden's hideout.
Dung-rolling insects collect their prized food source and single-mindedly roll it as directly as possible away from competitors and predators.
In her address to a prominent American think than here, Khar said this is what Pakistan's civilian government has been trying to do single-mindedly for the last four years.
The move marks a climb down for the centre-right coalition government which has single-mindedly concentrated on meeting the goals as justification for harsh austerity measures which have sent the economy into its worst recession since the 1970s.
Antyukh has been prepared single-mindedly for Olympic gold.
No-one should make decisions single-mindedly without consulting with the citizens either through traditional gatherings or through existing constitutional institutions," Prince Salman said.
Rather than climbing single-mindedly to one lofty peak, Meadows has traveled with the spirit of an explorer.
With such a high proportion of our costs being marginal costs (predominantly feed), the typical retailer business model of single-mindedly driving volumes just does not work for us.

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