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It is self-evident that there isn't a single solution, but it doesn't feel like there is a single-mindedness in trying to create a set of solutions which will ease the problem.
Many Federalists, and even some moderate Democrat-Republicans, believed that Jefferson's single-mindedness about eliminating the debt was excessively severe, bordering on draconian.
That kind of single-mindedness is doubtless necessary if you're to come through such an ordeal intact, and Stafford never runs short of it.
Brookes' Elle is Doris Daymeets-Jane Fonda, exhibiting steel beneath the sweetness, as she takes on each fresh challenge - fighting for her (shallow and unworthy) man, then for her college place, and finally for her Delta Nu 'sister' accused of a murder she denies committing - with sheer bloody single-mindedness.
No-one could dispute Wilf Wooller's forcefulness on the rugby pitch, his single-mindedness as Glamorgan captain - or his physical courage.
"If our single-mindedness in supporting our team means we are arrogant, as Town fans like to say, then arrogant we are.
With a background like that, and a burning ambition and single-mindedness which is obvious when you speak to him, you wonder what he'll bring to Albion's table this season...
His winning mentality and single-mindedness were just what this club needed when (Irish consortium) Drumaville took over shortly before his arrival," Quinn said.
from 'shock and awe' and 'mission accomplished' to 'the surge is working.' It is undebated, unreported, unquestioned, this policy conceived with the vacuous single-mindedness of serial killers...."
While her single-mindedness sometimes brings disaster, it also means survival.
Rove epitomizes the single-mindedness and high premium on blind loyalty in the Bush administration that have contributed to both its political successes and policymaking failures.

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