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While her single-mindedness sometimes brings disaster, it also means survival.
Rove epitomizes the single-mindedness and high premium on blind loyalty in the Bush administration that have contributed to both its political successes and policymaking failures.
EVEN when he was a kid Stephen Kenny showed the same single-mindedness that has made him a top boss.
she wanders--a harbormaster who has ruined single-mindedness.
Gracq possesses more than a bit of such single-mindedness.
With perseverance and single-mindedness, this nine-year-old boy was able to succeed at what he loved to do .
Authoritatively guiding readers through the ideas and ideals of a progressive mentality, Recipe For Success offers a "reader friendly" interpretation analyzing and detailing the essentials (and variations) of what constitutes success and the many attributes necessary for becoming a complete success in life including such factors as planning, purpose, vision, time management, good health, single-mindedness, persistence, learning from mistakes, loving others, and so much more.
His single-mindedness causes him to engage in hyperbole and distortion.
I am in awe of their clarity and single-mindedness, coming together for the common purpose of educating policymakers about the successes and problems of the foster care system.
And his actions have a purity and a single-mindedness capable of transforming those around him.
We celebrate and appreciate the sacrifices, the single-mindedness of purpose and the love supreme that is a mother.
Absolute purity: freedom, of course, from lust and sexual abuse in all its forms, but also a wonderful quality of single-mindedness, cleanliness and non-attachment.

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