singleness of purpose

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When he realised that Lady Arabella was bound for the Castle, he devoted himself to following her with singleness of purpose.
It is not an extravagant theory that the cabby's singleness of purpose and concentrated view of life are the results of the hansom's peculiar construction.
Within the limits of his short tether he had tumbled about, annihilating the flowers of existence with greater singleness of purpose than many of the blatant personages whose company he kept.
He pictured to himself the anxious projector of the enterprise, who had disbursed so munificently in its outfit, calculating on the zeal, fidelity, and singleness of purpose of his associates and agents; while they, on the other hand, having a good ship at their disposal and a deep pocket at home to bear them out, seemed ready to loiter on every coast, and amuse themselves in every port.
As a result, he concentrated with a similar singleness of purpose, greedily snapping up the hints and suggestions thrown out by his working mate.
Practical and subtle in her way, she brought Stevie to the front without loss of time, because in her the singleness of purpose had the unerring nature and the force of an instinct.
His singleness of purpose and resolution, and his elevated piety, endowed him, without his knowledge, with perennial youth.
He fixes his attention with singleness of purpose upon the end he has chosen.
With the singleness of purpose, together we will overcome them.
Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the only one who by the sheer force of determination and singleness of purpose made a name for himself in the history of Indo-Pakistan sub- continent.
He reiterated, "you will require singleness of purpose and commitment to understand what needs to be done for protecting and sustaining the
Over time, however, these discussions triggered feelings of vulnerability as he got in touch with and expressed his fear about a potential lack of meaning and purposefulness when he no longer had the job of leading and what would happen to the organization's singleness of purpose when he was no longer there.