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For each singular point p of depth images, we first set an initial depth value [D.
So, first, let us suppose that by a "standard translation" the pseudo singular point can be shifted at the origin O(0, 0, 0, 0) and that by a "standard rotation" of [y.
As we can see from these relations, the field at the neighborhood of each singular points r'(r") is the sum of the outgoing [G'.
A singular point area is generally defined as a region where the ridge curvature is higher than normal and where the direction of the ridge changes rapidly.
To determine who was to speak and when, the location of, and distance from the microphone became a singular point of reference to every workshop participant.
11] proposed the singular point detection method robust to noisy environment based on 2D Fourier expansion.
Although it is not uniformly symmetrical, the proposal's consistent reference has been a pyramid, with sweeping walls that meet at a singular point.
The main problem of proposed control strategy is singular point which is characteristics for Euler representation of rigid body kinematics.
The point x [member of] (-L, L) will be defined as a singular point for the inverse problem if the first and/or second derivative of the direct problem's solution vanishes at that point x.
If one wishes that the solution through a singular point is well behaved, one has to impose the condition of the singular point being regular.
One of them could be classified as corank = 1, codim = 1 singular point.