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In this paper, a new recursive algorithm is proposed to solve the algebraic Sylvester equation of linear singularly perturbed systems whose solution defines the cross Grammian matrix.
Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, suggested to Wright: "It would seem that in terms of picking up prostitutes in Ipswich you have been singularly unfortunate.
com said: "We can't stop being singularly unhappy about the likelihood of Bryan Robson succeeding Neil Warnock.
Which is actually an improvement on the principal turns on ``Feel the Force,'' which stars Michelle Gomez and Rose Cavaliero as Sally Bobbins and Sally Frank, respectively, Edinburgh policewomen singularly unqualified for their positions.
A heavily researched, professional, serious-minded, and up-to-date treatment of a singularly serious topic.
A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this unforgettable true story of a singularly strong-willed woman.
A singularly compelling visual glimpse into the heart and aftermath of tragedy.
Written for intermediate to advanced bible studies students, and a singularly valuable tool for professionals, clergy, and religious educators, First Corinthians is as highly recommended for its depth and exacting scrutiny of source material as the rest of the Sacra Pagina series.
In her time as Welsh Health Minister, Jane Hutt singularly failed councils in this respect.
It would be singularly dangerous if religious stereotyping takes hold.
Written by Anna Marlis Burgard and illustrated by Leighanne Dees with aid from the watchful eyes of Irish dance and folklore experts, Flying Feet: A Story Of Irish Dance is a fantastic children's picturebook inspired by a true event--a singularly memorable dance championship that took place when two master dancers tested their talents to determine who was worthy to become the dance instructor of Ballyconneely.
Working with singularly named keyboard player Tomo, Schwartz has concocted six sublime urban pop gems for hey willpower's brand-new self-titled debut EP (on Cochon Records).