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They're extremely bright, observant birds and you feel they know more than you, sinisterly flapping around in their black feather cloaks.
At a stroke, Anglo-Catholicism became English, patriotic and insular, rather than Roman, Italian and sinisterly post-Council of Trent.
I'm sure if it'd gone on for a couple more days things could have shifted sinisterly," he says.
Memory, in the opening and climactic scenes; a pair of traveling ladies-underwear salesmen; an incognito espionage figure and his sinisterly hospitable wife; and an innkeeper couple who provide shelter for handcuffed Richard and Pamela.
Henry Kissinger had said that the country's "economy must scream", and scream it did, with a rate of inflation that was the worst in world history, companies laying off workers, food in short supply, the collapse of social services and more sinisterly the arming of pro-American groups in Chile.
Sinisterly, this organism was a threat to only one species: it was a killer solely of that latecomer to the planet, Homo sapiens.
It may look idyllic but it was raining and the lake looked black and was sinisterly still.
More sinisterly it can lead to a confidence trick that sees the recipient building up a "relationship" with their new electronic friend and ultimately hand over money or personal information, perhaps to pay for a ticket for the young woman to visit.
Equally and sinisterly absurd are the films of prancing and marching mass gymnastics in Germany and Russia, showing the origins of the Hitler and Communist Youth movements.
Sex is crucial: especially in the era of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, sex is intimately associated with birth and also, sinisterly, with death.
That's until the sinisterly fast but equally hideous Cayenne showed up and managed to blemish a brand image that took 50 years to build in just a couple of years.