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The part of "The Creature," which was cleverly and sinisterly left blank in the programme, made the actor T.
Apparently, a capital D with a striKe through means too risKy while a symbol liKe an open booK, somewhat sinisterly, suggests a vulnerable woman lives at the house.
While international community welcomed the new cabinet, the regime in Khartoum was exceptionally and sinisterly jubilant of the new cabinet and described it as a team they can do business.
The bond is struck between Hakim - played deliciously sinisterly by Nick Birkinshaw - and the audience.
Meanwhile, the latest fire that ripped through the Al Hafeet Tower in Sharjah back in April this year had sinisterly similar hallmarks to the Tamweel
Carried along by slogans coined sinisterly by certain political and Islamist powers, youngsters marred the weeks-long October War festivities in 2011 by attacking army soldiers, who were guarding the state-owned television building, known as the Maspero Building, on the Nile.
One need only listen to their sinisterly named instrumental "Blood on the Pavement" to hear how the music becomes both familiar and strangely frightening.
The famous dance of the naughty nuns risen from the grave was enacted to sinisterly sensual effect by the corps de ballet, deftly negotiating a set liberally strewn with gothic monuments.
I now get a cheery wave from the security guards while no doubt the voyeuristic CCTV relays my image to some sinisterly inaccessible database.
it can only be described as either a very ignorant question or a sinisterly self-delusional one.
Take the album's title track, a desperate song about nighttime stalking, with Tatum's voice dipping sinisterly when he sings I know where to find you, I know where you go and swinging high for its last-ditch chorus, You can have me, you can have me, his hopelessness magnified by a nervous tremolo.
Almost sinisterly, UEFA initially refused to condemn the actions of these swollen headed buffoons and for a while after it happened it seemed as if president Michel Platini and his flunkies were determined not to acknowledge it had happened at all.