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The study suggested that common snake predators that can easily eat dextral snails struggle to consume the sinistral ones.
Gutierrez and Suriano (1992) added generic characteristics and Kritsky and Gutierrez (1998) proposed an emended diagnosis which characterizes Demidospermus as species having: tandem gonads; counterclockwise coiled male copulatory organ; sinistral vaginal aperture; U-, W-, or V-shaped haptoral bars; subspherical eye granules and a sheath like accessory piece serving as a guide for the male copulatory organ.
It includes the east-west sinistral Agua Caliente fault and to the west a northwest contractional relay zone, comprising the reverse and west dipping Patalillo, Aserri, Belo Horizonte and Escazu faults.
3) displays a different kind of malformation: the sinistral half of tergite I is free, and the dextral half is joined to the sinistral half of tergite II (one can recognize the tergite because I and II differ in size).
The most abundant faults recognised in surface along the central part of the Cordillera show normal slip, sometimes with dextral or sinistral components.
The major movement of this phase was a relative sinistral (leftward) flow of the hanging wall with respect to the footwall.
68) well-preserved when found but extremely fragile, sinistral, thin, globose, spire obtuseconical, body whorl extremely inflated (Harmen & Berg 1971); subfossils lacking periostracum.
Dominant among them are at least three, northeasterly striking faults that define a sinistral shear zone hosting the mineralization.
Geologists also class this area as being within the sphere of the sinistral East Anatolian Fault and outside that of the Levant Fracture System.
Por ultimo cabe mencionar un evento que origino fallas direccionales con rumbo SE-NW, de movimiento sinistral.
And once they have this settled, they all seem to be able to orient themselves by facing in the fairly constant direction of the rising sun and distinguishing the four directions of frontal east and dorsal west, sinistral north and dextral south in the real world.