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The study suggested that common snake predators that can easily eat dextral snails struggle to consume the sinistral ones.
Gutierrez and Suriano (1992) added generic characteristics and Kritsky and Gutierrez (1998) proposed an emended diagnosis which characterizes Demidospermus as species having: tandem gonads; counterclockwise coiled male copulatory organ; sinistral vaginal aperture; U-, W-, or V-shaped haptoral bars; subspherical eye granules and a sheath like accessory piece serving as a guide for the male copulatory organ.
Aphanoblastella Kritsky, Mendoza-Franco et Scholz, 2000 is mainly characterized for tandem gonads (testis posterior to germarium); male copulatory organ (MCO) nonarticulated with sinuous accessory piece; a sinistral vaginal pore; a nonsclerotized vaginal tube and ventral bar with medial process.
Such activities place the sinistral at a higher risk of suffering an accidental injury.
Umhoefer and Blakey propose possible southern locations of the pre-Cretaceous Canadian Cordillera; Monger and Struik posit a large-scale sinistral offset to account for relationships in the North Cascades; Anderson and Mahoney revisit the Mojave-Sonora megashear; and Wright and Wyld offer an innovative model for the origin of some Cordilleran terranes via a Caribbean-style arc that scooted out of lapetus in the late Paleozoic.
Both the soil geochemical data and the drilling data indicate that the zone is a sigmoidal-shaped northwest-trending body with a series of sinistral offsets along northeast-trending faults.
8) is rotated counterclockwise relative to the rest of the peninsula, consistent with the presence of a sinistral fault along Northwest Arm (see below).
Geologists class this area as being within the sphere of the sinistral East Anatolian Fault and outside that of the Levant Fracture System.
The approximate 60[degrees] angle between the magnetic lineaments associated with the apparent dextral and sinistral offsets of the magnetic anomaly patterns, aids the inference that this pair of magnetic lineaments reflects a conjugate set of brittle shears.
Do I share my sinistral abilities with this noted citizen of Birmingham?