sink away

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From his perch in the front cockpit of a World War II era Boeing Stearman biplane, 1,000 feet above the ground on a pristine 60- degree morning, William "Grant" Coleman felt his age sink away.
Things had seemed to sink away around him so that there were no passing moments, just a blur, a whiteout of time.
To simulate this, let your fly sink and just twitch the rodtip to make your fly dance a bit--don't strip, let the fly slowly sink away.
Are we just going to sit here and watch HMS Everton sink away from 4th to 14th in a matter of seasons ?
Take the sink away and measure the overlap required for the sink edge to rest on the worktop.
Ten-man Kings Heath saw two points sink away as Dave Aston popped up with an equaliser 10 minutes into injury time to make it 2-2 with Nuneaton Griff.
It's on long days that we are sown, unasked, in those neat and crooked rows, as stars sink away above.