sink away

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I have never had to worry about watching my life's work or my family's legacy sink away beneath floodwaters.
From his perch in the front cockpit of a World War II era Boeing Stearman biplane, 1,000 feet above the ground on a pristine 60- degree morning, William "Grant" Coleman felt his age sink away.
Things had seemed to sink away around him so that there were no passing moments, just a blur, a whiteout of time.
To simulate this, let your fly sink and just twitch the rodtip to make your fly dance a bit--don't strip, let the fly slowly sink away.
Are we just going to sit here and watch HMS Everton sink away from 4th to 14th in a matter of seasons ?
Take the sink away and measure the overlap required for the sink edge to rest on the worktop.
Ten-man Kings Heath saw two points sink away as Dave Aston popped up with an equaliser 10 minutes into injury time to make it 2-2 with Nuneaton Griff.
It's on long days that we are sown, unasked, in those neat and crooked rows, as stars sink away above.
If this is true, if the gesture, of throwing away is the first and indispensable condition of being, since one is what one does not throw away, then the most important physiological and mental gesture is that of separating the part of me that remains from the part I must jettison, to sink away into a beyond from which there is no return.
One would think that the vigorous convection of material in the mantle would destroy thick roots, and that the cool roots, being denser than the surrounding mantle, would sink away from the plate.