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2 sink device certification is a significant milestone for us," said Mike Engbretson, chief technology engineer of Granite River Labs.
Power management is automatically controlled through sink device detection, and output squelch circuits are controlled by input signal detection.
For testing sink devices, the W2642A can be used with the Agilent N5990A test automation software and the Agilent, N4903A J-BERT or ParBERT 81250A.
Agilent demonstrated complete test automation for a DisplayPort sink device, including control of the device under test as well as the test instrumentation.
Likewise, the instrument's analyzer emulates a sink device and presents a programmable EDID, while it measures video timing, deep color image components, InfoFrames and pixel errors emanating from a source under test.
Most Pentium chip microprocessors now require a heat sink device to ensure optimum performance.
Making use of 10Gig Ethernet switches with fibre stack ports allows for even greater distance extensions between sources and sink devices.