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In the practice of courts, a brief interval during which all business is suspended without an adjournment.

A recess in legislative practice is an interval of time between sessions of the same continuous body, as opposed to the period between the final adjournment of one legislative body and the convening of another at the next regular session.

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n. a break in a trial or other court proceedings or a legislative session until a date and time certain. Recess is not to be confused with "adjournment" which winds up the proceedings.

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For our purposes it is enough to note the variables it is derived from: vertical load W, linear speed V, torque T, wheel angular speed [omega] and sinkage z.
Shorter transition lengths at the transition in and out locations as well as plough buoyancy and soft soil skids were implemented to prevent excessive sinkage.
There were some questions about the proposal to locate the new airport on land that is considered soft, which could create problems with sinkage down the road.
These revealed that the computed values of drag, trim, sinkage and the transverse wave profile agreed well with the measurements taken at the towing tank facility at the University of Tokyo.
For example, Iagnemma and Dubowsky verified through numerical analysis and tests that the rigidity-based conventional motion planning and control algorithm can cause severe slip and sinkage problems in WMRs [1]; they then modeled wheel-soil mechanics based on terramechanics [9] and also established the multiple-physical-based control mechanism for the navigation of WMRs on flat, loose terrain [9].
Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms and analysis of sinkage disequilibrium in sunflower elite inbred lines using the candidate gene approach.
Bus flows under the Whittle Arches, where road surface sinkage five years ago led to substantial road repairs, are expected to remain the same.
Shock waves will also damage road foundations, creating sinkage and potholes.
The Pantanal region possesses datum levels ranging from 80 m to 150 m and was formed by the sinkage of a large area, which occurred simultaneously with the emergence of the Andes Mountain Range (Silva, 1984).
As the agricultural soil is exposed to multiple loadings of the same magnitude in this situation, it is valuable to predict soil sinkage by multiple loadings so as to utilize the tractor power effectively with minimum compaction effects.
The weight of the jumpshooter determines the depth of sinkage and how long it takes to become unstuck.