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This incident comes two years after two large sinkholes appeared suddenly in Denbighshire in July 2013.
The 20ft sinkhole that opened up on Craster Square in Coxlodge yesterday
The sinkhole which has opened up in a residential street in Craster Square in the Coxlodge area of Newcastle upon Tyne |
Sinkholes in this chalk formation are not uncommon.
And we accompanied a sinkhole investigation with Palm Harbor-based N.
Most homeowners policies exclude coverage for sinkholes, and it's difficult to find an insurance company that offers the coverage even on an optional basis.
We had arrived on a winter's mid-afternoon at a 14-acre "ancient" sinkhole holding 80,417,100 gallons of the unknown.
Stratman's mini-museum culminated in a wall text offering an account of a 2006 sinkhole that opened up in a living room in Alta, California, leaving the rest of the house undisturbed.
Sinkholes are pits in the ground formed when water fails to drain away.
The car fell into a sinkhole on Bigelow Street moments later, she said.
Two sinkholes appeared in the luxury waterfront home in the Lake Macquarie suburb of Swansea Heads
Auto Business News-February 13, 2014--Corvette's Kentucky museum victim of sinkhole