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Visiting the WAFB, Ms Ntobongwana cautioned that: We cant have a national key point used by the President and Ministers declared as a high risk area because of the development of sinkholes. She called on all stakeholders to work together to ensure that the base is fully safe for usage by members of the Executive.
a A council spokesperson said: "As there are gas readings coming from the small sinkhole, the council has not been able to undertake any investigation works as yet.
The sinkhole turned into a major issue for the Clock Tower Shopping Center in Sterling.
The sinkhole, which was two feet wide, was discovered around 6 p.m.
People walking on the busy street were swallowed by the sinkhole in a matter of seconds, after which the area was sealed off and the traffic was diverted away from the area for rescue operations.
It was believed the sinkhole may have been caused by a stream of water coming from the mountain opposite the castle, eroding ground under the car park.
Luke Davies's mother's car plunged bonnet-first down a sinkhole, which opened up underneath where it was parked
Lawyers for Scottish Water claimed the leak didn't contribute to the appearance of the sinkhole and that they had done everything in their power.
According to the United States Geological Survey about 20 per cent of land in the US is susceptible to sinkholes. Sinkholes tend to occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.
Also, the city administration has taken the notice of a sinkhole surfaced on a road in Gulshan-e-Ravi and directed the assistant commissioner to get it fixed.
An official source revealed that the sinkhole on the road leading to Gulshan-i-Ravi near Multan Road appeared after the underground 54-inch Wasas sewer line collapsed due to rainwater, prompting the Wasa authorities to rush to the spot and rectify the issue.
Speaking to media persons, interim Punjab Transport Minister Mian Nouman Kabir said a committee would submit its report about the sinkhole in 48 hours.