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Although it is not clear if the sinkhole is a consequence of Hurricane Irma experts told WFTV that the floodwaters due to the hurricane have increased the chance of sinkholes.
The wider area needs investigating because this isn't the first sinkhole to appear, and it is a residential street and people are concerned there could be an impact on properties.
A Durham County Council spokesman said: "Investigations continuing into the small sinkhole on Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland.
Despite the sinkhole being on one side of the carriageway, Mr Wood revealed why yesterday it was temporarily closed in both directions.
2A), shows reflections from a possible conduit, or a possible future sinkhole that is stoping upwards.
Purely for academic discussion and not meaning to meddle into Senator Sotto's 'na-ano' sinkhole, I'd like to offer some guideposts (PR gurus call them 'strategies,' I simply call them 'pointers') on ways to deflect verbal missiles that one attracts for a stupid mistake or shortcoming.
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And another small sinkhole recently opened near Van Dunk Lane, said Vincent Mann, a community leader.
The sinkhole continued to expand and by mid-morning was around two stories deep, filling with water from broken pipes.
The company did not specify if it was a vadose (erosion) or a collapse sinkhole that drained the west cell of the South Stack.
Motorists yesterday morning were stuck in three-mile-long rush-hour traffic in Blaydon with radio reports blaming a sinkhole.