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517, Sinking of 1 no tube well near the house of Samarendra Nath Das, MouzaChaksukhdeb, Dag No.
Nobody was injured and the coastguard said the sinking did not cause any pollution, the Daily Post reports.
A previous SMU report focused on the Wink Sinks, warning that they were continuing to grow while the land around them was sinking. Kim said Texans in the area should pay special attention to roads like FM 1053 near Imperial, that are experiencing rapid sinking.
Floating lines are certainly useful while fishing from shore but when the going gets rough, a sinking line helps keep your fly closer to the bottom in the surf zone where fish are feeding.
But they couldn't stop the vessel sinking and they too were rescued by lifeboat.
''Judgment on the cause of the sinking will be made only after finding out in what shape the ship had gone down,'' said Lee, who is in charge of intelligence and operations at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Researchers at the University of Colorado combined data from space missions and satellite programmes with historical records and measurements of sea-level rise to calculate whether land is sinking in 33 major river deltas and to try to determine what factors might be responsible.
The peak construction activity takes place in two years when the underground construction will be in full swing with on-going lateral work and the shaft sinking finishing up, while underground diamond drilling continues.
Six months after sinking the first sub, Sqd/Ldr Small and his crew went missing on a flight out of Gander.
And that's what the Delta does." The spongy ground on which New Orleans was built is slowly spreading and sinking.
After sinking a whale (or discovering a naturally existent whale fall: the former is necessary largely because the latter are tough to locate), Smith returns to it periodically.
Two sailors were rescued in the latest sinking, which comes just days after a trawler disappeared beneath the waves Both vessels got into problems near Bardsey Island, with three fishermen plucked to safety in the first incident.