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But they couldn't stop the vessel sinking and they too were rescued by lifeboat.
The rub on sink-tips through the years has been the "hinging" effect they have due to disparity in the density and diameter of the floating and sinking sections.
Researchers at the University of Colorado combined data from space missions and satellite programmes with historical records and measurements of sea-level rise to calculate whether land is sinking in 33 major river deltas and to try to determine what factors might be responsible.
The peak construction activity takes place in two years when the underground construction will be in full swing with on-going lateral work and the shaft sinking finishing up, while underground diamond drilling continues.
With each passing year, the sinking city has become doubly defenseless against hurricanes due to the loss of a natural line of protection: The marshes (swamps) and the barrier islands (long narrow islands that run parallel to the mainland) that cradle New Orleans are vanishing.
Furthermore, other teams of researchers have also begun sinking whale carcasses--off northern California, off Japan, and in the Atlantic--and have identified their own unique species.
An explosion shook Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, on the night of February 17, 1864, sinking the USS Housatonic.
Even though the shaft is deeper than any other in this notoriously poor ground belt, sinking was remarkably trouble-free with respect to ground control, due in large respect to certain sinking techniques that were adopted.
The tragic story of the sinking of the Titanic is firmly etched in our popular culture.
Tenders are invited for Sinking of Cylinder Tubewell at Bhatpara Primary School under Ghoshpur Gram Panchayat Funci - RWS