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Sinking of Cylinder Tubewell at Raghunathpur Jr High School under Rammohan-I Gram Panchayat Fund - RWS Sinking of Cylinder Tubewell at Ramnagar Atul Vidyalaya under Khanakul-ll Gram Panchayat Fund - RWS
But they couldn't stop the vessel sinking and they too were rescued by lifeboat.
There is much debate on whether to fish a full sinking line or a sink-tip line.
He said police forces were aware of the sinking but any impact on the shoreline may take some days.
Project director Greg Ashe says most of the major surface buildings and the hoisting plant are largely complete with this year's activity focused on shaft sinking and wrapping up their engineering work for the start of more detailed mine building next year.
For a riveting moment-by-moment re-enactment of the sinking of the Soviet sub Kursk and its dramatic rescue, don't miss Cry From The Deep: The Sinking Of The Kursk, The Submarine Disaster That Riveted The World And Put The New Russia To The Ultimate Test.
The spongy ground on which New Orleans was built is slowly spreading and sinking.
After sinking a whale (or discovering a naturally existent whale fall: the former is necessary largely because the latter are tough to locate), Smith returns to it periodically.
The world's oceans have had very different histories of whaling, and Smith proposes sinking bones in various locales and then comparing the diversity of the communities that arise.
THE sinking of the Titanic had such a traumatic effect on its Belfast birthplace that the name of the ship was not talked of for years, a documentary claims.
One casts from the starboard corner of the stern, then moves to the port side as the sinking line drops to where the fish are.
This phenomenon is probably due to the release point and its opposite effect from a sinking fastball.