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Perhaps the Catholic Church deserves such criticism, but one wonders at the sinlessness of other Christians.
Adam made a choice, had that fall from sinlessness, so we have broken or wounded things in life," he said.
That some Anabaptists claimed the possibility of sinlessness was not purely the polemical invention of opponents--although sometimes it was that as well.
The life we live is not now our ordinary life but the life of Christ: a life of sinlessness, of chastity, of simplicity, and every other virtue.
41) has called "original sinlessness," and into an Eden where individual enterprise and free markets could create the conditions of earthly paradise.
She was married and had borne children, but neither of these things compromised her ability to rule provided that she was identified with the purity and sinlessness of this doctrine.
The statements of leading Crusaders - including Rhoda Coffin's controversial mid-March declaration of her sinlessness - seem far less significant for their content than for their public reception, and thus give us a means by which to judge changes in community response to Crusade activism.
Schleiermacher, with an emphasis on feeling coming from his Moravian background, could reject the dogmas of incarnation and Trinity while holding on to the sinlessness and uniqueness of Christ the Redeemer.
This difference will necessitate a different treatment of sinlessness and therefore compels Ukrainian Catholic Christians who are intent upon keeping their Eastern heritage formally to reject the definition of the Immaculate Conception.