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Thus had she sinned in all things - sinned in living and in dying.
The audience knew what the woman in the play did not know, that it was for love of her that the man had sinned, to save her from a terrible danger which had hovered very near her life.
All his life he had been sinned against, and all his life he had sinned against no one.
Yet he felt a sense of weight and reproach within his breast, as though he had sinned himself in giving ear to such words.
The gods, too, may he turned from their purpose; and men pray to them and avert their wrath by sacrifices and soothing entreaties, and by libations and the odour of fat, when they have sinned and transgressed.
The truly righteous acknowledge when they have sinned, then take steps to correct their actions.
Is it better to have sinned than never to have sinned at all?
The way it works with me is, first, I start denying that I have sinned and then, I begin to deny that there is any real consequence with regards to my sin.