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But perhaps Barry, like some other towns in Britain today, is as much sinned against as sinning.
It can be argued indeed that such people are not held to make restitution as a matter of strict justice and have not sinned against the principles of particular justice but only against charity and legal justice or public utility.
But it seems the stewards have been using the revised rules to sit on the fence and avoid as much controversy as possible, because virtually all the time they come down in favour of the sinner rather the sinned against horse.
Earl,'' starring Jason Lee as a lowlife who divined the secrets of the universe via watching Carson Daly, concerns his ongoing quest to improve his life by providing compensation to all those he sinned against in the past.
In times like these, when the world seems to be turned around, we can call to God in faith, "'O LORD, be gracious to me; heal me, for I have sinned against you'" (Ps 41:4).
I don't condone Rooney's tantrums, but he's more sinned against than sinner and more committed to club and country than most sportsmen.
The judge was asked to remand Miss Harvey and was told that he would soon hear that the woman was more sinned against than sinner.
What goes around comes around though, and today Spurs are up against a side who are currently feeling as sinned against as me.
We humbly confess that we have sinned against you in thought, in word, in deed," Tiahrt told God.
However, he and his "Livable Netherlands" party -- which won 26 seats in Holland's 150-member parliament following his assassination -- sinned against political correctness by urging a clampdown on immigration, particularly from Muslim countries.
This work, edited by John Gauden, presented Charles in a highly favorable light, as a father and Christian, a man of patience and wisdom, a victim of injustice, and as more sinned against than sinning in the political conflicts of his reign.