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13) As the prostitute converted by Christ's love in the gospels "Beata Dilectrix Christi," she was represented either as a beautiful woman holding a jar of ointment (the figure of the so-called "Myrophore": "Madalena con il vaso di unguenti," "Magdalena mit der Salbenbuchse") or, more frequently during the Renaissance and the Counter-Reformation, as a repentant sinner holding a skull ("Maria Magdalena poenitens," "Magna Peccatrix," "Die Busserin, die bussende Magdalena, die reuige Sunderin").
Sinner is my attempt not only to bring a gay audience into a scary movie but also to have them identify with the characters.
For Sinner they havecollaborated with writer Ben Payne, associate director (literary) at Birmingham Rep, in a show which lays bare through movement and text the rage which, it suggests, is shared by many more people than the few who are driven to act upon it.
Saint Sinner tells the story of Brother Tomas, a 19th century monk who unwittingly unleashes two female demons.
Sinner played way above his 183rd world ranking and it was his ability to play big points that frustrated Henman.
We are all sinners upon whom God has chosen to shower unmerited grace.
Finally, I suspect that the real mantra of this heeling for homosexuals is more dyslexic Christian LOVE THE SIN, HATE THE SINNER.
We either hate the sinner and the sin, or love the sinner and close an eye to the seriousness of the sin.
As part of a Women in Church Leadership project cosponsored by FutureChurch and Call to Action, the feast day celebrations were created to accomplish two goals: to provide opportunities for visible liturgical roles for women and to disseminate current biblical scholarship that counters the myth of Mary Magdalene as public sinner.
The sinner had only one chance to repent; backsliders were cast out of the church.
Once a sinner, always a sinner, but what was once broken, has the power to heal.
FROM SINNER An English fryup (with fried sausages, bacon, eggs, beans and fried bread): 1,000 cals, 70g fat