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4) Levine is more sympathetic to the rabbinic distinction noting that Leviticus 4-5 deals with sins of commission whereas Numbers 15:22 clearly deals with omissions.
Directors and officers find themselves scrutinized, questioned, challenged, and sometimes sued in their personal capacities for a multitude of alleged sins of commission and omission.
Consequently, they chose to honor salvation narratives by underlying the way we prefer others to sacrifice themselves for our own sins of commission and omission.
And besides sins of commission like increased spying authority, there have been sins of omission by the administration as well.
Of course, life is about sins of commission and omission, so it was a shock to see Ballinger Ridge get beaten through over-confidence.
Yet, these sins of commission are not the book's real failing.
Sins of omission can be just as heinous as sins of commission.
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Whatever his sins of commission or omission, Peter Hollingworth has performed one invaluable service to Australia in his role as Governor-General--his passing from the office has exposed and demystified the process by which the Australian vice-regal representative is chosen.
THE latest revelations about the socalled ``dossier'' of current sins of commission or omission by Iraq show that Mr Blair and No.
Hence his call for convening "Vatican III" to rectify fully the sins of commission and omission not addressed during Second Vatican Council and subsequent documents on Catholic-Jewish relations.