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The list is long and includes both sins of commission and of omission, such as those against justice (of the individual against the community or vice versa), those against basic human rights (first and foremost the right to life and physical integrity), those against the others' freedoms (first and foremost religious freedom) and dignity, and those against the common good.
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Whatever his sins of commission or omission, Peter Hollingworth has performed one invaluable service to Australia in his role as Governor-General--his passing from the office has exposed and demystified the process by which the Australian vice-regal representative is chosen.
THE latest revelations about the socalled ``dossier'' of current sins of commission or omission by Iraq show that Mr Blair and No.
Negligence law distinguishes between sins of commission and sins of omission.
The author's evaluation totally focuses on professionalism, targeting the sins of commission, but utterly failing to address the sins of omission, such as news which is being overlooked, inadequately presented, or self-censored.
In the words of the authors, such anger translates into sins of omission rather than sins of commission.