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Or something more interesting like whether Dunga has confessed his sins of omission and commission to the local parish priest.
of choices in your life, all your sins of omission and commission, the
We have come to expect sins of omission and commission from the media, and recent weeks proved to be no exception.
We cannot allow this parliamentary shower's sins of omission and commission to destroy democracy itself.
Policy, like morality, is characterized by sins of omission as well as commission.
Had George W Bush made good on his promise to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, it is arguable all his other sins of omission could, even now, be forgiven.
Being indifferent does not essentially mean that they do not know; they know about the sins of omission and commission in their country.
If I made mistakes or committed sins of omission in my service, stealing from the government coffers was never part of it," he said.
There were certain sins of omission, but that will always occur when you're trying to take 90 minutes out of a book.
However, the real issue with the cost of fuel (and the impact it has on the rate of inflation) has vastly more to do with what Lady Thatcher did to the UK's coal industry than any sins of omission by Dr Gordon Brown.
If those who are truly repentant die in charity before they have done sufficient penance Jot their sins of omission and commission, their souls are cleansed after death in purgatorial or cleansing punishments.
His last words were reported as 'O Lord forgive me, especially my sins of omission.