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color * clear) Penis sinuate or - + + - + - - shape with bulge near middle (not simply tapering) Penis thick at - - - + - ?
3 x 4-5, short nerved, margins entire apiculate, 5-7 nerved, margins sinuate (*) Sepals narrowly elliptic, 6.
Head with epistoma feebly convex on disc, finely subregularly sparsely punctured, punctation somewhat denser and coarser distally; clypeus faintly sinuate at middle, rounded at sides, almost thickly bordered, the edge upturned; genae subauriculate, obtusely angulate, elongately ciliate, distinctly protruding more than eyes; frontal suture finely impressed, nearly faint at middle; front relatively somewhat densely punctured.
6 and 7) with very little pubescence; clypeus shorter than frons, clypeus abruptly widens from base and then quickly narrows; lateral sides arcuate and elevated in relation to the eye edge, anterior margin not sinuate at the middle; head coarsely and closely punctated and with conspicuous, with not very abundant pubescence; frontal carina highly developed; depressed vertex with punctures more densely distributed than on the frons; small and flat ocular carina; small eyes hidden by the anterior angle of the pronotum.
Perichaetia lateral on stem; inner perichaetial leaves straight, not plicate, ovate-lanceolate, erect, margin entire or slightly sinuate, apex abruptly and shortly to longly acuminate, costa long and single, almost reaching the apex, cells linear, thin-walled, smooth, sometimes initial cells of rhizoids present in upper part of perichaetial leaves; vaginula naked.
Hymenium: Gills, attached to sinuate, crowded, broad, orange; gill edges bright orange-red.
Female abdomen: Oviscape black, pruinose, except at apex; spermathecae elongate, twice as long as wide, slightly swollen apically, with transverse striations, base very elongate and sinuate, especially in distal 1/3; with very prominent lateral processes (Fig.
Male: GENITAL CAPSULE: nearly circular in outline, slightly sinuate at middle third.