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2e): Pear shaped, costa straight, apex round, termen sinuated, dorsum straight, discoidal cell closed, more than half length of the wing; veins, Sc+ R1 arises from the axillary region, short and separated from R1, humeral (h) curves toward the proximal region of the costal margin begins from Sc+R1 and Rs, M1 originated from upper angle of the discal cell, M2 originates from middle of the discal cell, M3 originates from lower angle of the cell, Cu1 parallel to Cu2, two veins A2 and A3 arise from the axillary of the wing, A2 ending at the tornus of wing, A3 ending at dorsal margin.
1G) with triangular shaped moderate first gonocoxae, inner and outer margins sinuated, slightly wide apart; ninth paratergites flipper-like large, slightly passing beyond fused posterior margin of eighth paratergites, later medially concave; second gonocoxae with posterior margin straight, posterior margin of proctiger markedly convex; spermatheca (Fig.
24 and 25), in lateral view, dorsal apodeme longer than half of aedeagal shaft, shaft slender, laterally compressed, nearly of equidistant from basally to apically, ventral margin sinuated, subapex concave, lateral margin with sheet process with marginal serrate and occupied 0.8 of shaft; in ventral view, broad basally, sheet process broadened at middle, subapical ventral margin bearing weak protuberances, apex rounded, gonopore apical.
Seventh sternite broad, trapezoidal, posterior margin sinuated, "W" shaped, length of midline about 2 times as long as sixth sternite, ovipositor strongly projecting beyond pygofer (Fig.