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To determine if sinuous growth leads to significant changes in volume, such as increased juvenile core size or log volume
Thin, sinuous anticlinal, beaded cell wall is found in Salvia aegyptiaca, Salvia deserti has thin,anticlinal straight cell wall at the veins and sinuous in between the veins of both calyx and corolla while Salvia spinosa show similar cell wall as present in Salvia aegyptiaca.
Air passage ways feature sinuous fins with a constant height of 8,8 mm, a pitch p of 3,5; 4; 5; 6,5 mm and matrix width G of 30; 45; 65; 95 and 115 mm (fig.
The sinuous interchange between past and present, truth and fiction, is sustained in subsequent films: In one, a 16-mm film is shown being packed up in the gallery office; a loupe lingers over a woman's face in a strip from one of Irvine's previous films.
For generations the remaining bottomland forests of the Mississippi River and its tributaries have survived as places where trees grow large, shadows grow deep, and sinuous rivers and streams move at a snail's pace.
From the sinuous crest of Cerro Dragon the view of the city, the coastline, and the desert is breathtaking.
An early-flowering, strong-stemmed in eye-catching apricot pink, with wavy-edged leaves Ballade A unique bluish purple with a smart white outline to sinuous petals Bright Gem Free-flowering, small and with cream flowers delicately flushed with pink Fusilier A showy, multi-headed, brilliant red cultivar which is early flowering Maureen Tall, late-flowering and marble white Purissima AGM Early-flowering, white and fragrant Red Riding Hood Late-flowering, small, bright red, with patterned leaves Show-winner Very early-flowering, small, glossy deep red Vivex Tall, long-lasting in flower and with orange/gold petals White Triumphator Pure white with gracefully pointed petals
Schroter's Valley (L17) looks like other sinuous rilles but is much larger.
Sinuous drainage channels appear to lead to a shoreline limned by ground fog and structures that resemble sandbars.
John Banville, in sinuous, often magically elusive language, explores a city that is identical in style.
The Hudson River cuts a sinuous path through the valley bearing the same name, leaving a landscape rich with visual beauty and historic importance--all just a few kilometers from metropolitan New York.
The question posed by Tim Harris in a stimulating essay, "Understanding popular politics in Restoration Britain," weaves a sinuous thread of uncertainty through this often engaging collection, the offspring of a 1996 symposium at the Huntington Library.