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This disjunctive topography contrasts strongly with so much Chinese pictorial tradition in which the landscape moves sinuously from foreground to background, as if luring the viewer within the bower of the mountains in order to learn the lesson of their stillness and grandeur, just as the sages within the painting learn this lesson.
In The Number and the Siren, his second monograph, Meillassoux rather more sinuously raises the same challenge for literary criticism.
We see him in his white-haired elegance, sinuously dancing a solo cha-cha-cha.
She leads a guided tour through the belle epoque townscape in the morning-pointing out the historic buildings and museums, dropping in a quick joke on the stream-like "mighty" River Oos that flows sinuously through the town.
The train toiled sinuously up among gouged red cuts with slow labor.
The Lully brought the added luxury of touring performances at France's historic Opera Royal de Versailles and at the Glimmer lass Festival in upstate New York, with reviewers praising her "sweet and sinuously expressive vocal delivery" and her "warm and round" soprano.
3) depicts a natural world fraught with potential for good and evil: the saint, eyes closed, head in hand, in a dream-like landscape, points to the Paschal Lamb while an outrageous thistle with mysterious fruit rises sinuously in the foreground.
Written as the end of World War II approached, Richard Strauss' Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings is a long farewell lamenting a destroyed world, its seamless lines surging sinuously, its eventual quotation of the Funeral March from Beethoven's Eroica Symphony a summing-up of so much that has been lost.
This chapter moves sinuously and dialectically between pointing out the horrors of Stalinism and the harm it did to the Marxist tradition and recognizing that there was a risk entailed in Leninist vanguardism in the first place.
It repulses him with its thorns and prickly leaves, its twigs sharp as lances; and it stretches out in front of him, for mile on mile, unchanging in its desolate aspect of leafless trees, of dried and twisted boughs, a turbulent maze of vegetation standing rigidly in space or spreading out sinuously along the ground, representing, as it would seem, the agonized struggles of a tortured, writhing flora" (RITE 30).
Realistic painting pinpoints Mastic Beach and Northport, respectively, in Matthew McGevna's and Nick Mamatas's stories, and is particularly startling in the obscured wastelands of Sag Harbor Highway as revealed by Amani Scipio in "Jabo's." Wainscott and the Northwest Woods of East Hampton get their beauty rendered within a romance thriller concoction nicely served up by Jones as writer; her story, "Home Invasion," sinuously invokes allusions to the fame of her father (From Here to Eternity) and her life as a celebrity teenager while constructing a fiction of a sexual fling gone seriously wrong.
Each fable unfolds gradually, sinuously, with gently tinted illustrations of characters, scenes, and events.