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The malware's fanning spread through the network recalls the stealthy swoop of the black-clad gangsters of Mann's last movie, the John Dillinger thriller "Public Enemies,'' as they sinuously flowed across the marble floor of a Midwestern bank.
Jay Simpson, fully blacked-up and overlapping both plots sinuously, plays the wicked Dog, complicit in Sawyer's aims, in director Greg Doran's lively and inventive production.
The share of animal breeding in the structure of agricultural production registered a sinuously, but decreasing trend.
In what follows I try to extricate the central nerve of Heisenberg's sinuously unfolding, dialectical exposition, and in the process to elucidate its strengths but also its deep ambiguities and perplexities--which express, I believe, fundamental dilemmas that pervade contemporary ontology.
The song ends and the three queers gyrate across the stage, twisting their bodies sinuously and making suggestive approaches to Leslie.
Our favourite bed for a diva of romance is the Claudette Sophie bedframe from Barker and Stonehouse, sinuously curvy and made largely of gorgeous mahogany with a white finish.
It will just dustily join other highly endorsed conclaves like the Bogra-Nehru meet in 1953, the Sind-Ts agreement in 1960 to settle a water dispute which flowed sinuously into two major conflicts, the 1966 Tashkent declaration, which saw an Indian PM die at the conference, the famous 1972 Shimla summit designed to end bitterness and ran out of breath, the Delhi, Lahore and Agra summits that led into the next century marked a little earlier by General Zia's "cricketlomacy" in Jodhpur with the Gilani and Zardari tete a tetes with Manmohan bringing us to the present sans any progress.
We see him in his white-haired elegance, sinuously dancing a solo cha-cha-cha.
In The Number and the Siren, his second monograph, Meillassoux rather more sinuously raises the same challenge for literary criticism.
Bringing together approximately seventy works, including the sinuously biomorphic sculpture for which she is best known, as well as her drawings, paintings, and art criticism.
She leads a guided tour through the belle epoque townscape in the morning-pointing out the historic buildings and museums, dropping in a quick joke on the stream-like "mighty" River Oos that flows sinuously through the town.
The Lully brought the added luxury of touring performances at France's historic Opera Royal de Versailles and at the Glimmer lass Festival in upstate New York, with reviewers praising her "sweet and sinuously expressive vocal delivery" and her "warm and round" soprano.