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Uhl, though essentially in a supporting role, is strong as the brittle Tatjana, and Wuttke sinuously pragmatic as Rita's Stasi angel.
These studio shots depict half-naked models of various genders, ages, and body types (some later featured in Flaming Creatures), sinuously interlaced amid an impoverished mise-en-scene complicated by veils and textures in the fashion of Smith's favorite director, Josef von Sternberg
Encouraged by a sinuously seductive Lady Duncan, Macbett plots to assassinate the Archduke and crown himself King.
She curved sinuously around herself with a kind of deadly restraint.
The design concept - two sinuously curving parallel blocks enclosing a central courtyard - is imaginative, and when seen from the south it seems to draw Aston's two 1960s high-rise blocks into the overall composition.
The answer lies in part with Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken's Oscar-nommed score (much fortified for the stage show), which is actually at its best in the Weill-ian strains of the narrator Clopin's opener, "The Bells of Notre Dame," sinuously delivered by Jens Janke, later doubling as the Gypsy King.
One of Egeraat's earliest solo ventures was an extension to the ING Bank in Budapest (AR July 1995) where he placed a sinuously pulsating organic conference room within a historic Neo-Classical building to achieve what might be described as 'modern Baroque'.
In Leid, 2009, shimmying, brightly colored leis sinuously twist around one another as if in bed or on a steamy dance floor.
And next week he will be on stage in Play Without Words, the sinuously sexy show inspired by those cool, class-conscious movies of the 1960s and developed from a new writing experiment at the National Theatre.
A red-headed girl curls sinuously around her partner's torso, slides under his arm, over his leg and--splat
Saving the life of young Brady Lang (in a sequence that says more about the dangers of playing with fireworks than any safety ad), leads him to strike up a friendship with the boy's parents, architect Oliver (a sinuously menacing Tim Robbins) and perfect (read Stepford) wife Cheryl (Joan Cusack), his gregarious all-American new neighbours across the road, while the two lads become best friends.
Her singing is full of character and redolent of the German cabaret song style that is her specialty (and which had a marked influence on Kander & Ebb's smart and cynical score), while her dancing is a little less successful, It's frenetic and mechanical where Neuwirth's was sinuously musical, but there's no denying she's got the moves.