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The chief material used in the collages is foamcore, a strange choice given the nature of Rothschild's imagery; foamcore's stiffness runs contrary to the sinuousness (and sensuality) of her forms.
The opening muscular solo by Pascal Desrosiers seems to be trying for more than a hint of sinuousness, but it mainly keeps stylized poses.
He is relaxed in an almost 'slack' way, yet he has a musicality on the kit, as if he were playing the melody line, as well as a sinuousness about his rhythms that pushes the music forward.
Through pure sinuousness of form, these seemed to reveal the final possibility of something pulsating with a vitality that lay beyond the illusion of the pictorial representation--perhaps that furthermost boundary of representation that Renkel's work exceeds, to then return, retracing its own tracks.
For Italian Suite (1983) he turned to the bubbly melodies of Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari to accentuate Valerie Madonia's sinuousness, Gurin's legato, and Gates's poetic arms.