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The primary outcome was maintenance of sinus rhythm at 1 year as determined by 7-day Holter monitoring analyzed in blinded fashion at a central laboratory.
Table-2: Univariate and multivariabe analysis of covariates by Cox regression for the risk of loss of sinus rhythm.
Two other infants were noted as having alternating block with normal sinus rhythm; in one infant, stable, normal sinus rhythm was reportedly restored.
For those in sinus rhythm, ECG was analyzed for evidence of LA enlargement, such as P-wave width was >0.
Subjects with a history of AF who were in sinus rhythm at the time of the brain scan averaged 520 mL/min.
Furthermore, patients with relapsed AF had higher CT-1 levels at 6th month when compared to those in sinus rhythm (1.
Eighty-four percent (84%) of the patients were in sinus rhythm and 77% were in sinus rhythm off anti-arrhythmic dugs (ADDs) or had no change in AAD prophylaxis almost one year post procedure.
In addition, there are medications that can help keep the patient in sinus rhythm, called antiarrhythmic medications; these are used with or without cardioversion.
Mean time to conversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm (5 vs.
46) or a smaller number with a recent history of persistent atrial fibrillation who were in sinus rhythm after treatment (1.
Participants included patients who were in sinus rhythm but had had either two or more documented episodes of AF in the previous six months or had been successfully treated for AF in the previous two weeks.