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SIRE. A title of honor given to kings or emperors in speaking or writing to them.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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SIRE LINE INTRAMUSCULAR MINOLTA ULTIMATE FAT % REFLECTANCE PH Berkshire 2.41 (bc) 22.6 (a) 5.91 (a) Danbred HD 2.33 (c) 23.0 (a) 5.75 (cd) Duroc 3.03 (a) 23.2 (a) 5.85 (ab) Hampshire 2.57 (b) 25.3 (b) 5.70 (d) NGT Large White 2.15 (c) 23.4 (a) 5.84 (ab) Nebraska SPF Duroc 2.71 (ab) 23.1 (a) 5.88 (ab) Newsham Hybrid 2.25 (c) 22.7 (a) 5.82 (bc) Spotted 2.35 (c) 23.3 (a) 5.83 (bc) Yorkshire 2.33 (c) 23.0 (a) 5.84 (ab) (a, b, c, d) Means with different superscripts are statistically different (P < .05).
The carcass data was fitted to a model including the random effect of replicate and fixed effects of sire line, sex, target BW, and the deviation of the actual BW from the target BW as a covariate using the MIXED procedure of SAS[R] (SAS Institute, Inc., Cary, NC).
"It is also a job trying to get away from the Danehill sire line and even Teofilo is out of a Danehill mare."
Although the Nijinsky sire line has a number of representatives in the jumps sphere, only Hernando, Sky Classic and Royal Academy provide viable means of survival on the Flat.
Indy has been unable to do in 16, thereby adding a new dimension to the Seattle Slew sire line that once looked reliant on dirt.
As a descendant of Hail To Reason, a sire line that has enjoyed success recently in Europe through Intikhab and Big Bad Bob, Canford Cliffs is an important acquisition for Coolmore at a time when its roster is saturated with Danehill and Sadler's Wells blood.
Eight of the 52 juveniles awarded ratings of 110 or more to gain inclusion in the ETR hail from the Sadler's Wells sire line.
The loss of Echo Of Light is a blow for Darley's hopes of extending the Dubai Millennium sire line. Dubai Millennium died of grass sickness in his first year at stud but his best son Dubawi has proven an outstanding sire by getting the likes of Poet's Voice and Makfi.
Bering's success at stud was crucial to the survival of the Sea Bird sire line but, despite siring 23 Pattern winners, it hangs by a thread due to a clutch of disappointing sons, the worst of whom was Pennekamp.
"The idea has been to breed her away from the Northern Dancer sire line as much as possible.