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SISTER. A woman who has the same father and mother with another, or has one of them only. In the first case she is called sister, simply; in the second, half sister. Vide Brother; Children; Descent; Father; Mother.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The landlady held up a long, lean, red hand, in a sorrowful and sisterly protest.
"I begin to think I am mad--mad to have devoted myself to an ungrateful woman, to a person who doesn't appreciate a sisterly and Christian sacrifice of self.
It sounds more sisterly, and it will serve to remind me of our contract.'
I could not have borne to lose the smallest portion of her sisterly affection; yet, in that betrayal, I should have set a constraint between us hitherto unknown.
At the opening of eighteen hundred and sixty-seven the relations between Anne and Blanche were relations of sisterly sympathy and sisterly love.
Wife and child, too, are Starbuck's --wife and child of his brotherly, sisterly, play-fellow youth; even as thine, sir, are the wife and child of thy loving, longing, paternal old age!
Her admiration and regard, even her sisterly regard, was all his own; but he was a lover; his attentions were wholly Marianne's, and a far less agreeable man might have been more generally pleasing.
I think it would not be very likely to promote sisterly affection or delicacy of mind."
He had a vague inkling that many things had combined, things that she felt though was unconscious of, the intoxication of the air and the hops and the night, the healthy instincts of the natural woman, a tenderness that overflowed, and an affection that had in it something maternal and something sisterly; and she gave all she had to give because her heart was full of charity.
I had only been in prison six months when that overwhelming testimony of sisterly affection came to console me in my captivity.
Cecilia, silently listening up to this time, now ventured to speak--animated by her sisterly interest in Emily.
At that one little act of sisterly sympathy, the fortitude which the poor creature had preserved all through the evening gave way in an instant.