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Steve Bruce should just sit tight and if the new owners want him to go then he should take their pay off because he'd walk straight into another job.
People living in the south east of England are the most likely to sit tight, with 93% claiming they will leave their shares where they are, followed by the Welsh at 92%.
But my advice to the 31-year-old (above) would be sit tight, wait for your chance and when it comes give it everything you've got.
JAMES McCARTHY has been told to sit tight as Everton prepare a [euro]15million bid for the Irishman.
The Prime Minister addressed growing fears insurgents had decided to sit tight following his decision to withdraw troops.
Sit tight and hold on to the council where you will always have your home.
We have to play Ashfield, who could still grab the title themselves if they win their next four games, so we will sit tight and see how they get on.
The fact is a lot of players these days would rather sit tight and pick up their money than go elsewhere and play.
We've just got to be patient, sit tight and make sure we keep our powder dry.
PASSENGERS TOLD TO SIT TIGHT PASSENGERS affected by the BA cabin crew strikes should "sit tight" for the next 24 hours, a travel group said.
Unless they are desperate, sellers will sit tight, sending turnover levels even lower.