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Lightspeed has a list of categorized sites that are recommended to districts to block, such as adult chat forums, violence and pornography as well as phishing sites, which are deceptive information pharming sites used to acquire personal information of users for fraud or theft.
Certain sites are allowed to use [mystery meat navigation], such as music, band, movie, art, experimental or fashion," Flanders said.
Ninety-one percent of top companies use corporate Web sites for recruiting (iLogos Research 2002).
This article provides useful information about Web sites that can be consulted when legal and ethical issues arise.
Similar to a RAID controller, after the disk subsystem in the primary site is replaced, this new local mirror partner is resynchronized by the mirror partner at the recovery site and the system is recovered.
School boards may decide to use the sites anyway, but they do so with a better idea of what cleanup or safeguards the site will need, Baker said.
Newsletter publishers would do well to review their web sites and other online communications and commerce in light of these guidelines, even though they are principally oriented towards consumer sites.
4] These results reveal only a small percentage of the effective uses of Web sites for law enforcement.
CPA firm Carlin, Charron & Rosen LLP'S home page has a "Links" link that takes you to sites ranging from government to legal, life-style, auction and dental information among other categories (see exhibit 3, below).
com, one of the premier black-oriented sites, provides an arena for people to congregate and connect to black culture and lifestyle.
Yet barely three years later a considerable amount of literature exists specifically on the evaluation of Web sites with a substantial fraction of this literature concerning the Web itself (Auer, 1999).