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Instead of a bundle of inert features waiting to be situationally elicited, separately transferred and serially possessed, the 'male and female organs' that decorate the objects of exchange and other ritual items like men's houses represent a highly condensed and disguised scene that men steal from women in its entirety beginning in the primordial / prenatal past.
The report defines the target audience as anyone who may use "traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.
Indeed, the work of artists must forever be elusively, conditionally, and situationally defined, not least in China, where such categorizations are fuzzy and awareness of contemporary art among the general public is minimal at best.
citizenry [that] bring[s] 'Asian American women' into critical relief not as a descendant grouping of single origin but rather as a tenuous identification situationally congealed and then too internally differentiated--according to nationality, class, sexuality--through a disconnected, even haphazard jumble of cultural constructions, local and federal legislations, and enforcement mechanisms.
Initially, he deployed the metaphors situationally depending on audience, but over time as his political perspective moved leftward, one can detect a more radical use of the metaphor.
Organization and culture heavily influence the blend of hard and soft skills that must be practiced situationally in order to gain recognition in the workplace.
d) the use of situationally appropriate grammar and language
COIN agents and situationally aware Service members constantly collected critical detainee information for assessment through the intelligence and behavioral vetting processes.
Dual-representation theory (Brewin, 2001; Brewin, Dalgleish, & Joseph, 1996) and similar contemporary multiple learning system theories (for example, see Metcalf & Mischel's, 1999, hot/cool-systems theory), posit two learning systems: (1) verbally accessible material (also called explicit, declarative, or linguistically encoded material) and (2) situationally accessible material (also called implicit, nondeclarative, or nonlinguisticaHy encoded material).
embarrassing "nonsufficient funds" will be viewed differently and situationally (ATM denial vs.
If you can stand to feel temporarily and situationally incompetent, the world can teach you so many things
Economically and situationally, the P250's modular capability may make huge sense for some buyers, based upon their needs.