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You would find yourself trying to check the weather forecast and a couple of days later find you'd strayed into situations vacant and the Romanian currency exchange rates.
Looking through the Situations Vacant, a job can catch your eye and imagination.
It might be a multi-channel retail experience that harnesses social to show trending products and recommen- dations, a "situations vacant" newspaper campaign to advertise a holiday destination, a Twitter campaign to promote products or a real-time trading app for bank- ing and investing.
What is the point of thousands of university graduates when there are only a few hundred situations vacant for them?
A passing thought or a someone passing you the situations vacant, who cares what it is that triggers the thought, it's time to look at something new and closer than you think.
In Situations Vacant, Lucas and Billy are both job hunting.
JOB-SEEKERS and employers in the stable-staff market can now log on to a new 'situations vacant' service, which is available online and at no cost, writes Howard Wright.
Two bobbies thought they could hear something and were shining their torches through the foyer doors and I was already looking through the Situations Vacant in the Examiner, expecting the worst.
Situations Vacant: Compare "just drop in for a cup of tea and meet us" to "RN wanted, you will have ...
This seems dubious; he apparently yearns to live the `carefree decadent aristocratic lifestyle of his friends', surely a capricious notion that doesn't exactly entail handing royal wealth back to the public, or circling Situations Vacant adverts in an effort to find a `real' job.