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[Latin, Situation; location.] The place where a particular event occurs.

For example, the situs of a crime is the place where it was committed; the situs of a trust is the location where the trustee performs his or her duties of managing the trust.


n. Latin for location, be it where the crime or accident took place or where the building stands.


noun locale, locality, location, locus, place, placement, point, position, site, situation
Associated concepts: situs of a crime
See also: locality, situated, situation

SITUS. Situation;, location. 5 Pet. R. 524.
     2. Real estate has always a fixed situs, while personal estate has no such fixed situs; the law rei site regulates real but not the personal estate. Story, Confl. of Laws, Sec. 379.

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Joining Situs enables us to also provide fulfillment services to our clients, and offer these clients the same level of industry expertise in the commercial real estate sector.
There are very few documented cases in the literature surrounding RCC in patients with situs inversus.
Situs anomalies are rare congenital disorders that can lead to confusing differential diagnoses.
What's wrong when it isn't right: Situs inversus and genetic control of organ position.
The challenging aspects for anesthesiologists in successful management of patients with situs inversus totalis should be thoroughly evaluated, as discussed further.
X-ray chest shows dextrocardia and USG abdomen shows situs inversus.
Situs in latin is "position or site", inversus totalis is "totally inversed", hence totally inversed site, referring to the internal organs.
High resolution computed tomography scan of the chest confirmed the bronchiectasis with situs inversus totalis [Figure 3] and [Figure 4].
KEY WORDS: Kartagener syndrome; Dextrocardia; Situs inversus; Bronchiectasis; Sinusitis.
In situs solitus, the heart apex, spleen, stomach, aorta, and bi-lobed lung lay to the left of midline; the tri-lobed lung, gall bladder, liver, and inferior vena cava lay to the right.
Unlike at least one of its officers, Situs actually existed.