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Sources close to the deal described the expansion rights as sizable and the key factor in prompting L&W to sign a long-term 15-year lease.
Show-stopping purple blooms cover the hard-to-find ``woolly blue curls'' (tricostemma) that can grow to a sizable shrub.
4 percent; most of those industries posted sizable increases, the largest of which were in transportation equipment, lumber, and electrical machinery.
companies that have committed sizable investments and established their presence in the EC market now are looking for new international partnerships.
Brandywine also maintains a sizable pool of unencumbered assets that is representative of the company's overall portfolio.
Consumer price inflation picked up slightly in July and August from a slow rate of increase in each of the previous four months; reduced but still appreciable increases in food prices contributed to the larger advance in both months, and a sizable rise in energy prices lifted the index in August.
Because he was in such good spirits, Stern also said he was unconcerned about the sizable number of empty seats for the Clippers' first home playoff game since 1993.
Sizable depreciation expense related to the opening of several facilities from 1999-2002 has had a negative impact on operating results.
Private nonfarm payroll employment rose at a reduced pace in May after having registered sizable advances over the first four months of the year.
The 'AA+' rating on the city's GO notes and bonds reflects the City of Milwaukee's conservative financial management which contributes to sizable long-term reserves and fiscal flexibility.
Industrial production was unchanged in April after having recorded sizable increases in March and other recent months; declines in mining and manufacturing were offset by a large rise in utility output.
This sizable allocation helps further establish the track record for the top-performing CTA.