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Yet Wideep (detail) filled a sizably broad wall, indicating the artist's wry sense of humor.
allow them to go forward with sizably reduced interest payments.
The average bumper winner was a massive 15-2, almost on a par with handicap hurdles and chases and sizably bigger than the average price of a novice chase winner, which was just over 4-1.
It's a member of the European Economic Area and contributes sizably to the EU's budget, but has no say at all in its policies.
Apparently the loss of the sports section not only hurt the paper's staff morale, it sizably reduced the paper's overall appeal in the marketplace.
On the back of a good recovery seen in agricultural and industrial demand, the flagship Electrical Standard Products business registered good growth in its revenues contributing sizably to the segment revenue growth.
7 edition of Barron S, offered his suggestions for improving unemployment: 1) Eliminate the minimum wage, which he opines is not doing anyone any good and is contributing sizably to the higher youth unemployment rate; and 2) Eliminate payroll taxes for employee and employer for the first $10,000 of earnings.
In the afternoon, however, stocks came under profit taking, with the Dow's gain trimmed sizably.
Stevens: Oh, I think that they'll be increased sizably.
Just what funds will be available to Bruce next month are as yet unknown, but he is set to sizably increase his coffers with the sale of Walter Pandiani.
OPPORTUNITIES: The market for kangaroo meat is growing sizably in both the domestic and international market.
At the same time, the paper industry in the United States (as well as in Canada) has been sizably reduced.