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In contrast, the share that owns assets has increased sizably for households in which the head is younger than 64.
1 percent of survey panelists estimated total meat department sales increases during 2012, with a sizably smaller 11.
Hsiao admitted the emergence of tablet PCs has impacted the world's PC industry sizably in 2012, but predicts both PCs and tablet PCs will both grow in 2013, driven by new products which combine functions of both products released by PC vendors.
Cravath announced its year-end bonuses yesterday, and they are sizably larger than last year's amounts.
For instance, a submission by Laurent Gheerart of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles was a study which found that the presence of a higher degree of Islamic banking promotes a higher level of financial sector development in terms of private credit as a proportion of GDP, and sizably so.
The Muslim population in America also increased sizably during this period.
Meanwhile, its share in Pakistan's total exports also declined sizably.
Yet Wideep (detail) filled a sizably broad wall, indicating the artist's wry sense of humor.
allow them to go forward with sizably reduced interest payments.
The average bumper winner was a massive 15-2, almost on a par with handicap hurdles and chases and sizably bigger than the average price of a novice chase winner, which was just over 4-1.
It's a member of the European Economic Area and contributes sizably to the EU's budget, but has no say at all in its policies.
Laughs both voting and nonvoting added sizably with 18.