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Today, the Euratlantic regions serve as the homes to sizeable operations of many leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, energy, food and general manufacturing sectors, including Airbus, Mitsubishi, Volvo and Toyota.
The support of such significant businesses and their sizeable advertising and promotional budgets has been instrumental in creating the strong growth rates seen by the market in recent years.
Sizeable acquisitions are not anticipated in the medium term.
Subsequent to these bonds, remaining authorization totals $398 million and is expected to have limited impact on debt ratios given the district's sizeable tax base and rapid amortization of existing debt, of which over 80% will be retired in ten years.
A primary factor in the upgrade is the absence of any sizeable borrowings planned over the near term; the county recently completed construction of a new criminal justice center and jail.
Offsetting credit factors include a significant concentration of ownership of developable property within the district, the limited development to date on the major tracts within the district, and the sizeable increase in the town's debt burden that results from this offering.
Further, Fitch anticipates that the company's positive earnings momentum will be hampered by continued margin pressure, as well as by the identification of a sizeable problem loan exposure that will likely increase credit costs in the near-term.