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The POBRBC made preposterous claims and insinuations that the politicians are not remunerated sizeably. Currently, an average politician may take home about half a million, N$500,000, per year, yet, the POBRBC would have us believe otherwise.
"The housing overhang, which was a grave challenge for the Bahraini economy after the big crash worked itself off and is sizeably less felt today and will even balance with housing demand shortly," said Dr Varnholt.
"The likelihood is that the market will be disappointed that they are not getting any more (information), but when it comes off people will look at the overall performance of the market this year and think oh dear, equity markets are now sizeably up on the year, I don't have any positions ...
For VTB, Vozrozhdenie and NOMOS, valuations also increase sizeably under this scenario, but still do not offer upside potential from current prices.
Considering this fact, we have planned to increase allocation for education sizeably at the school level by introducing Minimum Funding Standard for Schools (MFSS), the Provincial Finance Minister added.
A columnist for the Interim newspaper for over 25 years, he also contributed sizeably to the early pages of Catholic Insight magazine and wrote three best-selling books, one of them his autobiography.
Sharma also informed that considering the huge opportunities in areas of mutual interests, the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries is still low and it could be enhanced sizeably.
An unexpected day off can provide a huge boost to staff morale; conversely, the withdrawal of a day's pay without recourse can be sizeably detrimental.
For example, it does not factor in the rise in prices of services, which contribute sizeably to your monthly household bills.
Australia never entered an official recession, has been able to cushion the fall-out of the global recession through its commodity sector, and is actually seeing home prices rise sizeably.
Villa are, however, likely to have to sizeably up that bid for a player who still has two years left on his contract.
Morocco is still affordable but sizeably pricier than before.