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In addition to the prize money and gift cards, the pre-kindergarten teacher at Lotta School received a set of Sizzler steak knives and a Sizzler chef's coat.
Photos and more information on Sizzler are available at http://pressroom.
Oaks semi-finalist Broadway Sizzler can make all again tonight
Sizzler is the perfect venue to help change this statistic," said Angelina Maranon, Sizzler's campaign organizer.
However, that dog had looked a short runner in the first round and the writing was on the wall this time as Broadway Sizzler cruised past off the last turn and pulled clear for a two-and-a-quarter lengths success over Impartial View and Whiskey Coffee, who both outstayed the fading Ardmayle Ace to book their ticket in the decider.
Sizzler is now much better positioned for continuing profitability and growth into the next century,'' Sizzler President and Chief Executive Kevin Perkins said in a statement.
The staff has been trained at the New Vision Sizzler in Murrieta, Calif.
All entrants get coupons from Sizzler [R] and Ocean Spray Craisins [R]
Sizzler Cheeseburgers are served open faced with American or Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles.
Sizzler, the iconic steakhouse that is largely credited with starting today's popular fast casual segment and introducing the salad bar internationally, is coming home to the city where it was born.
Sizzling Platter, one of Sizzler USA's largest and oldest franchisees, is opening a new restaurant in suburban Salt Lake City in June.