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COOKING UP A STORM Kylie Jenner sizzles in her white joggers
MUST READ: ( Kate Middleton Sizzles at BAFTA; But Who Steals the Show?
SUPERSTAR Britney Spears sizzles as she returns to the stage and tells an adoring crowd: "It's so good to be back."
The grate also creates a "sizzle effect" that collects the juices dripping from the food so it sizzles just under the food, making it juicier.
Byline: The sporty Serbian sizzles in designer dresses.
Everyone has blamed me for removing the plastic plate acting as a protective shield on top of Sizzles' fishbowl.
Dead ringers: Alan Halsall and Lucy Jo Hudson as Beetlejuice and Cleopatra; House party: Charlie Webb and Sally Oliver as Amy Winehouse and hubby Blake; Caped crusader: Corrie's Michelle as Robin; Purrfect: Kym sizzles in raunchy Catwoman costume