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It was a beautifully designed, relatively affordable car and immediately hit the spot with Brits looking for something sizzlingly different which was not going to break the bank.
The colourful, zoot-suited, all-singing, all-dancing showis sizzlingly hot and certain to provide the ideal evening out for the whole family.
Cole Porter's ``I Love Paris'' was sizzlingly cool, but an ill-conceived arrangement of Rodgers and Hammerstein's ``Bali Hai'' emerged as unctuous and practically campy.
SLOW COOKING: Kirby Farm Fine Foods' roasted pigs; SIZZLINGLY GOOD: Jan Woodward tests the produce available on the Jumbo Prawnies stand; IMPRESSIVE: Tyrrells' home-made crisps; LOTS OF BOTTLE: the Fieldhouse Herbs stand
The Mellow Fellows namesake ended with the tragic death of lead singer Big Twist in 1990, but the band's dynamic sound remains sizzlingly intact fronted by lead singer Ernie Peniston, under the Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings name.
He recalled watching 'this garbage' and wondering 'Is my journalistic career going to depend on whether I can persuade some halfwit in Wales to take my company's pounds 250,000 and reveal, in a sizzlingly tedious four-part series, she's even more stupid than we first feared?
Other choice Water Bearer DVDs: The sizzlingly frank and gossipy documentary Sex Is .
Most definitely a 'precious metal' silver is sizzlingly hot, as both a material and a colour.
PETER Andre's notso Mysterious Girl looks sizzlingly hot but she's left the bookies cold.
To enter new teams, make transfers or to check how your existing teams are doing in our sizzlingly exciting competition, log on at www.