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2001, Uit die stof die see die skald se handevuurvoet tracks en die verstuite trein van wat het verlange, Fenomeen Publikasies, Stellenbosch.
The skalds Ottarr svarti and Sigvatr mention it in their verses describing the places where St Olafr fought in England.
The dual purpose of his trip is given concrete expression in the two tasks he seeks to accomplish while in Paris: to attend a summer course in French and to illustrate a new edition of the skald Egill Skalla-Grimsson's memorial poem Sonatorrek in honor of his two sons.
For example, the famous Bersoglisvisur have the status of a pattr in the narrative: a whole episode tells about how Sigvatr skald is picked out to tell the King of his subjects' annoyance with his harsh rule, and he does so in verse.
69: `But when a skald addresses a woman, his "O lady" apostrophe is not so much a greeting as a kind of shorthand, a mnemonic of masculinity.