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Bolton, R., Kritzinger, J., Nel, G.V., & Kapp, T., 2001, Uit die stof die see die skald se handevuurvoet tracks en die verstuite trein van wat het verlange, Fenomeen Publikasies, Stellenbosch.
"The word 'skald' is reserved in Scandinavian folklore for the poets who told stories to warriors before battle," he writes in the booklet.
25-34) The brave deeds of saga heroes have not sufficed for the world's betterment ("And lo, the world ever worseneth"), but the "Troubled Skald" hopes that his likewise-beleaguered medieval predecessors may be true friends:
A similar brief mention is provided in another article by the same author, "Borges' Icelandic Subtext: The Saga Model" (385-86) while Sigmn's article on Borges and kennings, '"El verso incorruptible': Jorge Luis Borges and the Poetic Art of the Icelandic Skalds," outlines the basics of kenning-lore and the strong influence that these may have had on Borges' oeuvre, perhaps the most noteworthy example being 'Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius." La alucinacion de Gylfi does not come into the latter and is merely named in Margret Jonsdottir's "Borges y la literatura islandesa medieval" (124) and Vladimir Brljak's fascinating article, "Borges and the North" (110), in which the path of northern influence is traced through Borges's life.
Originally used for dancing, they combine an end-rhymed metrical form derived from Latin hymns with the techniques of syllable counting, alliteration, and internal rhyme used by the earlier Norse court poets, the skalds. Rimur also preserve the skald's elaborate diction but in a stereotyped fashion as though the original meaning of complex epithets had been lost.
Asi, Borges puede convertirse en el bardo o skald de sus antepasados, que se supone miraran con mejores ojos a este descendiente tan manso y tan apocado, ahora que ba dedicado parte de su vida a salvarlos del olvido y celebrarlos.
It is well to find that great achievements can still call forth at times the runic fervour of the Skald. The facts of your pseudonymous career would seem already to have been 21.20 thrown into the form of a spirited mono-duologue, which runs as follows: THE BROTHERS.
The dual purpose of his trip is given concrete expression in the two tasks he seeks to accomplish while in Paris: to attend a summer course in French and to illustrate a new edition of the skald Egill Skalla-Grimsson's memorial poem Sonatorrek in honor of his two sons.
This may be because the predilection of the audiences of these latter sagas was for skaldic verse, not for legalities; and/or that the thematic focus of these sagas, as skald biographies, gives less prominence to legal subject matter.
Like the role of the community, the role of cultural heritage in these stories is ambiguous: sometimes it is an empowering factor, a way to acquire a voice and achieve an integrated identity, and to find one's place in time and belonging in a sense of community, as happens to Alma in the story "Skald" (from Red Dust).
skald or national poets -- that is, poets who had so sung themselves into people's consciousness that they had practically become part of the common psyche.
Neither can I condone the use of a masculine pronoun referring to the neuter word skald (poet).