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Limited to 89 pieces the Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Scipione Borghese Limited Edition 89 is a masterpiece of Baroque style with the skeletonised cap in champagne gold evoking the Villa Borghese park and a clip embellished with a bright red water-drop shaped Mozambique garnet.
Venous grafts can only be used as free graft in CABG whereas IMA can be used as free graft, pedicle or skeletonised.
MSX[2] overlays a high contrast skeletonised visual image on its thermal counterpart.
To complement its delicate patterns, the 1003 calibre movements were done in 14-carat white gold and skeletonised exquisitely in its nucleus.
Dece discovers an unfamiliar object in the rings of Cotal, and when Cap, Seps and Dece go on a dangerous mission to investigate, find an abandoned alien ship, complete with a dead and skeletonised alien--the species of which they have never seen before although they can empathise with his lonely death.
Part of the EXCALIBUR range, the Skeleton Double Tourbillon houses the skeletonised version of Roger Dubuis' Emblematic Double Tourbillon movement, proudly harbouring the "PoiE*on De GenE ve" -- the Geneva Seal -- on its front.
The skeletonised trees can suffer from sun burn Cheapest way is to paint the tree with lime once a year for 2-3 years till truck is fully shaded by new branches.
Walkers discovered the skeletonised remains lying in an irrigation ditch on August 17 last year, 13 days after the two 10-year-olds vanished from their home town of Soham, Cambridgeshire.
Walkers found the skeletonised remains in an irrigation ditch on August 17 last year, 13 days after the two 10-year-olds vanished from their home town of Soham, Cambs.
Until now, images of blood vessel structure taken from high-resolution imaging have only been able to produce a skeletonised view of blood vessel structure which provided limited detail and accuracy.
5 mm 18-carat red gold case with anti-reflective sapphire crystal and caseback for viewing the superbly finished movement, complete with skeletonised oscillating weight.
For 2015, with the Excalibur Spider collection, the manufacture takes the skeleton theme beyond the movement alone, extending it to encompass a skeletonised case, flange and hands.