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The hammer has been partially skeletonized as well (about half of its mass), and the only criticism I have here is SIG could have made this a little wider at the top, sort of target width.
Yet it's the lack of material that ultimately makes the biggest impression: Owing to its spare, skeletonized movement--designed and built entirely in-house--the model has a refined geometry of hand-chamfered bridges encased in a sturdy, sporty Vanguard case.
PSE's lightweight stock is molded with high-impact thermoplastic polycarbonate and is skeletonized (less material, more space) to keep overall weight to a minimum.
Some of the other features of this all stainless steel pistol include the now virtually mandatory--and bite-free --beavertail grip safety with a cut-out to accept the back of the skeletonized hammer.
The author's illustrative writing draws a picture in the mind, displayed wondrously when he describes the differences of someone before and after drug addiction: "She began to change, a metamorphosing before his eyes, unstoppable, until, like some malformed butterfly, she emerged from her bedroom one day a still-breathing abortion of herself, a skeletonized shadow gorging on her own flesh.
The hammer in the Match trigger is solid, whereas the one in the 3-Gun trigger is skeletonized for faster lock time.
Dr Kirsi Lorentz of The Cyprus Institute, who leads the bioarchaeological investigation of human burials at Tell Zeidan, said that the egg was found in the pelvic area of the buried skeletonized body, where the intestines and bladder of the person would have been.
also studied the effects of skeletonized gastroepiploic artery.
Prior to extirpating the surgical specimen, the entire larynx was skeletonized to its pharyngeal mucosal attachments (Figure 1).
Additionally, an effective algebraic preconditioner can be developed to accelerate the iterative solution since entries of the skeletonized matrix are selected from the original MLFMA NFI matrix.
As leaves are skeletonized, the web nest is expanded so as to maintain its protective function.
Our test gun was built on d skeletonized Remington 700 action.