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The Skeptical Environmentalist obviously should be held to high standards of accuracy, but to insist that it read like a scientific paper is both specious and disingenuous.
Insurers were skeptical that there was money to be made in the market.
As a communicator in a post-literate world, you face unusual challenges: You must inform, persuade, convince and teach people who are over-messaged, oversold, hard to inspire and skeptical. Begin now to create powerful, reader-focused content, commonsense structure, and a meaningful, graphic footprint.
The range of Jonson's subject matter (Italian intrigue in Volpone, court wits and an unstable "statusphere" in Epicene [63], the "epistemological groundlessness" [114] of alchemical projection in The Alchemist, and the exotic underworld economy of the fair in Bartholomew Fair) suggests the intensity of Jonson's skeptical attitude towards his comic subjects.
The publication of The Skeptical Environmentalist, a magnificent and important book by a former member of Greenpeace, deals a major blow to that ideology by superbly documenting a response to environmental doomsaying.
As a journalist I'm skeptical about all ideologies.
"In this brief but crucial period they [established] the skeptical standards for a new generation of war correspondents ...
Circuit are skeptical of the Federal Communications Commission's stance on the company's proposed acquisition of Tribune Media (TRCO).
In the 1600s, skeptical philosophers questioned religious and political institutions and scientific advances; this study looks at how scholars, scientists, and philosophers overcame the skeptical trend to allow the Age of Enlightenment to commence in Europe.
He shows that once we accept that theories can also be confirmed indirectly, by evidence not entailed by them, the skeptical conclusion does not follow.
Femia attempts to refute charges that Pareto was a proto-fascist and places him amongst the skeptical liberals such as Machiavelli as he explains the conflict between metaphysics and the logico-experimental model, the science of politics, deconstruction of political philosophy, democratic plutocracy, and the heart of the skeptical liberal.
"I was initially quite skeptical" of finding an effect, says Morris.