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The reliability of the new guidelines was called into question by the (Niigata) earthquake and it should have been assessed more skeptically,'' Yoshioka said.
Education International General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen also urges parents and policymakers to review the PISA results skeptically.
Broder replied: "I would urge you to view skeptically what any of us -- including myself -- say.
In the past 20 years, however, the Supreme Court has gradually curtailed affirmative action policies in public contracting and higher education; a conservative majority of the court has skeptically viewed government uses of race, arguing that color-blindness is a legal principle and that race-conscious efforts undermine merit-based selection.
Bush decided long ago to be homophobic," says gay Democratic Massachusetts representative Barney Frank skeptically.
Skeptically examining all available historical sources, from claims that Galileo was port in chains and subjected to torture or that a forged document was brought forth at his trial, to numerous comparisons between Galileo and the friar Giordano Bruno, Galileo Observed strives to uncover the truth or its most likely estimation.
It's ham to think that Moore's next project, whenever it appears, won't be viewed more skeptically.
Indeed, both authors look skeptically at multiculturalism, which we know can mean many things, but they are as critical of hard multiculturalism, which makes a fetish of the notion that each major race or ethnic group or religious group carries a distinct culture that should be preserved and promoted, as of soft multiculturalism, which simply promotes tolerance and understanding of one group for another.
Claiming work-product protection for documents without strong evidence of "anticipation of litigation" may cause a court to view all of the privilege claims skeptically.
While this does not shape the content of my course, I must consider the possibility that some students approach the course skeptically, particularly those who have taken the other courses in the methods sequence, which is quantitatively oriented in my department.
While auditors have a professional responsibility to follow up on "fraud indicators," they also are cognizant of the potential for having their findings viewed skeptically if they are the only ones who conducted an investigation.