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The report further noted that the lack of skepticism likely occurred because of time pressures and overconfidence in management assertions.
Thus, the claimed benefits of externalism in avoiding skepticism are greatly exaggerated.
Professional skepticism is a concept of critical importance to the audit profession.
The word skepticism is derived from the Greek word skeptesthai, meaning "to reflect, look, or view.
Book Publicity Services will manage the public relations campaign for Fourat's newest book S3: Science, Statistics and Skepticism.
John Greco provides a thorough and reliable survey of skepticism via a collection of twenty-six essays by different authors.
In the 39th volume of the series, the topic of skepticism is the focus of 7 essays by scholars in Europe and the U.
Consumer skepticism toward advertising is the general tendency of disbelief of advertising claims and represents a marketplace belief that varies across individuals (Obermiller & Spangenberg, 1998).
In this study we examined the influence of skepticism on brand attitude and purchasing intention.
Exuberant Skepticism comes from a philosopher who for three decades has been an advocate of skepticism as a philosophical position and way of life.
Sublimity and Skepticism in Montaigne and Milton is a cogently argued and gracefully written comparativist work.