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| The Stag & Pheasant, Nottingham Road, Loughborough, sketched by artist AT Warbis for the Echo.
Ideas are quickly sketched out, erased, redrawn, and sometimes even crumpled up and thrown into the trash can, only to be retrieved again.
Until the last fifteen years, the scholarly record contained no discussion of Shostakovich's sketch materials, only denials that he ever sketched. Shostakovich himself denied sketching, and those who knew him perpetuated the claim.
We usually take photos of the scenes that are sketched, and tally how many times each scene was drawn and discuss it and try to find out why.
We did not coach the witnesses, they just shared whatever they recalled and the artist just sketched and placed some details based on the description made by the witnesses, Lavin said.
Qualitative representations are a good match for sketched data because they carve continuous visual information (for example, two-dimensional location) into discrete categories and relationships (for example, round, right of, and others).
The book also features current scenes, including one sketched from the top of West Nab.
The above quote taken from Paul Kane's book, Wanderings of an Artist (1859), describes a scene he sketched in September 1845 while travelling on the Fox River, Wisconsin.
It also allows designers and design studio teams to use 3D sketched curves to create a model with surface modeling or subdivision surface modeling tools within CATIA.