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In an attempt to document the remains of Alexandria and its architectural heritage, a group of 12 volunteer sketchers, artists, photographers and documenters launched a non-profit initiative titled "Description of Alexandria".
We will use the Sketcher program, described in next chapter.
Known on Twitter as @ daily_ sketcher, the mysterious doodler has built up a cult online following as Liverpool commuters find the sketches on train carriages around Merseyside.
Global footwear maker, Sketchers USA Inc on Wednesday said its first quarter net revenue fell 11 percent to $343.
A sketcher to the end - "I drawlike other people knit" - in 1999 Brown supplied the drawings for an animated music video promoting the Welsh group Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, which had the distinction of winning an award at a Canadian film festival despite the failure of the sound system.
3 -- color) The Disney Dream Sketcher is a new hand-held activity center that lets kids draw, color and play games.
However, a complete modern system should include the following five functional areas: the sketcher, the solid modeler, the dimensional constraint engine (also called the variational or relational engine), the feature manager, and the assembly manager.
Geometric Constraint Solver Enhances Sketcher Module for Part, Mold and Pattern Design and Manufacturing
Managing director Kevin Sketcher said: 'The acquisition of Moorland represents a unique opportunity for Brandons to expand in the UK.
A sketcher since childhood, her painting experience started only two years ago when high school teacher Kris Holliday saw her drawing on a piece of paper.
Drawing for All It's Worth is worthy resource for the merely inquisitive, the weekend sketcher or the devoted artiste with an easel and an atelier.